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Self-signed SSL, Mobile Theme Installed
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03-24-2015, 08:09 PM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2015 09:06 PM by weex.)
Self-signed SSL, Mobile Theme Installed

Things are progressing really well for Bitcoin and this site was (and still is) in need of some basic improvements. Here are a couple of updates.


I've added a self-signed SSL certificate so that in lieu of getting a proper SSL cert for the forum, you can still encrypt your connection to this site. Yes, you will see an error in your browser but if you know what to do to verify the certificate, I'm posting the fingerprints here and on our Twitter account.

SHA-256 Fingerprint: E8:5D:50:43:49:CF:17:90:B0:6F:5F:DB:1E:6B:F9:14:0F:D4:08:8F:D5:2F:E6:18:0C:94:A6​:02:01:B5:23:9C

SHA-1 Fingerprint: C5:34:89:09:81:03:4D:D8:12:61:5B:40:65:24:56:59:F8:5B:8D:ED

In order to not confuse a ton of people, the forum doesn't redirect to https so if you want that you should get HTTPSeverywhere and install the file in the next post to your Firefox profile's /HTTPSEverywhereUserRules folder.

New Desktop and Mobile themes

The second change is something you may have already seen in that the default theme for the forum has changed to a much more modern and social theme. Second is that a mobile-optimized theme has been installed so it's easier to use the forum on devices with smaller screens. Each of these seem to be clear improvements but please reply if you run into any issues.

Known bug

Finally, if you get an error trying to post that has more than two links in it, the cause is that this web server blocks posts with 3+ links as an anti-spam measure.

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03-24-2015, 08:10 PM
RE: Mobile Theme Installed
The HTTPSeverywhere rule file is at
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